Martin Vs Ryan

A list of Head 2 Head Battles with a running tally.

  • Martin : 3
  • Ryan  :  5

August 2017  – Martin Defeats Ryan in a 3 strikes tourament on Supersonic. Both players where on 2 strikes. So Ryan was kicked out!

August 2017 – Ryan defeats Martin at a game of The Simpsons Pinball Party during his MSL twitch stream. Martin had to skull a DUFF beer live on air.

September 2017 – Argonauts Pinball Comp. Martin finishes 4th, Ryan 8th. After both qualifying 3rd (Ryan 4th after countback) out of 30+ people.

September 2017 – Ryan defeats Martin in a head 2 head battle on WOZ live streamed. (Also beats Martins GC score but lets not count that as another win)

September 2017 – Rosstown pinball arcade Comp: Ryan placed 2nd, Martin 6th (Ryan knocked Martin out of the comp in the final 6th play off)

October 2017 – Bayside Pinball comp. Out of 65+ people. Martin 2nd, Ryan 3rd

October 2017 – Argonauts Pinball comp. Martin finishes 5th (top of bottom finals group). Ryan finishes 4th (bottom of final 4 group)

October 2017 – 1 handed battle on Dialed in. Live on Air. Martin lost and got ‘PIE faced’