Announcement – Head2Head Pinball comes to an end

Head2Head won’t be returning after 2 and a half amazing years of providing pinball podcast content.

It’s been an awesome journey and we never thought that a podcast originally produced for the Australian scene would grow to be the world wide phenomena it became. We got to speak to the biggest names in pinball, saw some of the best new pinball releases in pinball history, covered tournaments from around the world and generally just had a laugh.

None of it would have been possible without the support of a highly supportive and loyal following and understand Monday nights / Tuesday mornings won’t be the same without the show but it’s time to rest it as Martin and Joe move onto other things.

Other things you say? Well nothing confirmed but I doubt this will be the last you hear from Martin, Joe and Ryan!!! (You can always catch Martin twice a week streaming at

It’s one thing to make a pinball show but the best part of it is meeting so many people we can now call friends. Thanks again to everyone for all your support and hope to see you at a pinball event soon.

Martin, Joe and Ryan C

Joe: “Head2Head was always my podcast long before I was ever part of it myself. It was the first pinball podcast I ever listened and the fact it is going away is going to leave a void in my pinball life. Being asked to join the show by Martin was one of the best things to happen to me in pinball and my weekly talks with him were always a highlight. Thank you Martin for all the work you did to bring this podcast to life and I completely understand why it was time to let it go. You will always be one of my best pinball friends and I look forward to seeing you soon! ❤️”

Ryan: “I never knew doing a pinball podcast would open so many doors. The most surprising was the door to Jeff Teolis’s bedroom. I’ve made great friends with listeners and shared many laughs along the way.
I did the podcast to make Marty laugh and have a good time. Everything else was a pleasant surprise and a bonus. Thank you all for listening 😘 (even Pinside Petey)”

Martin: “Wow! End of an era. What a ride it’s been. Thanks to all the guests and hosts that joined over the years, you helped make something really special. Huge thanks to Ryan C for pushing us to be bigger and better and arranging some of the most epic interviews in podcast history. And to Joe, thanks you so much for coming on board when I didn’t know what to do after Ryan left, you’ve been amazing and can’t wait to see what you do next!! Thanks mostly to all the people that have listened, have reached out and have come said hi at events. Big difference from when I first went to my first pinball event in the US (INDISC in 2016) when no one knew me to only a couple of years later announcing an award at the TWIPYs.

There are so many amazing pinball podcasts out there and the amount of work put into these shows is incredible and I want to show my appreciation to everything the creators do. I know the effort required and now look forward to spending more time as a listener.”