Episode 36b – Zach Sharpe on Iron Maiden

  • Iron Maiden shown!
  • LE sells outs already
  • Did Martin get an LE?
  • Iron Maiden Stream + Future Streams
  • Working with new hires at Stern
  • Unique rules
  • Pinball rules without display
  • Iron Maiden strategy
  • Iron Maiden Art
  • Zach on Tournaments
  • Major correction from Tex Peckerwood
  • New pinball skills
  • Hard Quiz

One thought on “Episode 36b – Zach Sharpe on Iron Maiden

  1. First time listener (Iron Maiden Fan pulled in by new game)

    Fantastic interview.

    I have a 70s Space Mission table that I bought in the 80s for a $100 with money from my 10 year bday at a yard sale and have loved for 3 decades.

    Very excited to get a modern table with a theme of my favorite band and a play field that looks so well designed. Only thing that makes me sad is my inability to get a LE (wish they would have been limited to 666 instead of 500 for theme, boat that marketing missed), but the premium sounds like play wise it will be fantastic.

    Now time to use internet to start learning how to play with skill instead of how I played as a kid growing up.

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