Episode 58 – George Gomez

We were lucky enough to talk to George Gomez who is the Executive Vice President Chief Creative Officer at Stern Pinball. He walks through his thought process behind designing Deadpool pinball machine but then dives deeper into Stern management and what his vision is for Stern in the future.


3 thoughts on “Episode 58 – George Gomez

  1. Hey Guys, Thanks for another great podcast !
    I enjoyed the G man interview, it was insightful.
    You guys make Mondays fun and I get some strange looks at work from other car drivers on site, when they see me with a stupid grin on my face or I’m laughing out loud.

    Elvira 3, I hope the game is called the classic name ‘Elvira Mistress of the Dark’
    My fun name choice is ” Elvira and the boogie bogans from down Unda”

    Looking forward to your next podcast !

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