Episode 68 – Joe Kaminkow on The Beatles Pinball


One thought on “Episode 68 – Joe Kaminkow on The Beatles Pinball

  1. Guys,

    Great show as always. Just listening to the latest episode and it starts talking about Red Dead Redemption 2 which is a fantastic game (bare with me here). Anyhow, I’ll cut this long story very short but in a nutshell, my daughters (twins aged 11) were playing with their mates in half term, round our house, going tot he shops etc. One of the new kids joined them (name Kit, same age and over from USA) and loved playing my TAF as he hadn’t experience pinball before. Having dinner with my girls one night we got onto the subject of RDR2/GTAV and they said ‘Kit’s’ dad owned RDR2 and GTAV. I said I own them too and they are great games to which they replied, no, his dad OWNS RDR2/GTAV, the company. His fricking dad is one of the Houser brothers and owns Rockstar. His son was in my house playing my TAF! I fell off my seat!
    Very funny shows chaps please keep them up. Regards, Tux

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