Episode 103 – RAWR!!!

  • Jurassic Park hands on impressions from Replay FX
    • Gameplay
    • Rules
    • Choreography
    • Shot by shot
    • Art / animations
    • Pro vs Premium
  • Pinburgh 2019 roundup
  • Other things at ReplayFX 2019

One thought on “Episode 103 – RAWR!!!

  1. Hi guys
    I love your podcasts but could you please consider that there might be the odd guys out there who also love Pinball and haven’t had the chance to finish watching Pinburgh on Youtube yet, before blabbering out the winner, like quote
    ok straight to finals Keith Elwin won again.
    It’s Wed now and I just started to watch the final 4 last night.
    Maybe give a warning or so that you announce it like other Podcasts do so one can either skip or stop it.

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